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Design is more than form & function it is responsible for the shaping of our world & being. As a Collective we promote a reflective and critical practice in design.

Originally founded as the Design & Philosophy Society with the Royal College of Art in London the Collective is an independant space where creatives, writers and thinkers can vent their thoughts beyond the all too practical field of design. We don’t need sociology and cultural science to write about us, creatives can do both. Here is proof. For us design is not just what you can touch and utilise, it is not just innovation, definitely not design thinking, and also no pseudo-wise wall art quotes. Design to us is more than a craft. It is a science, a critical instance, an overdue philosophical debate ...

The Collective


our recent publications as Design & Philosophy Society at the RCA are now available at Good Press Glasgow

Design & Philosophy Journal No. 1

The Myth of the Design Saviour

Design & Philosophy Journal No. 2

Designing a Thought Beyond a Solution

more coming soon..


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